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Announcing COVID-19 Resources from the Boone Center for the Family

Covid-19 has put unusual strain on church leaders and their communities alike. To help in our own unique way, today the Boone Center for the Family updated our Resources page with a collection of free webinars, quick reference guides, and videos to help church leaders during Covid-19.


3 Practical Steps to Increase Intimacy Through Conversation

One of the most important aspects of a healthy sexual relationship in marriage is communication. That is, the ability to discuss sex and its significance to the individual, as well as to the marriage. This can become even more important, and sometimes more challenging, as couples spend increased time together during Covid-19.


The Wisdom to Let Go: A Timely Proverb

Some parents are good at holding onto their children, but they have a harder time letting go. While there is a time and a season for both, the latter is a reality all parents have to face as children transition to young adults. In a season when college-age and adult children are returning home due to the coronavirus pandemic, balancing adulthood while living under the same roof as their parents can be even more elusive.

3 practices - minister to singles in your church

3 Practices to Help You Minister to Singles in Your Church

In ministering to singles, the temptation arises to provide a simplistic answer. But doing so diminishes the pain this person may feel in their desire to be married. Here are three ways from our free RelateStrong | Leadership Series eBook to better connect and speak to singles in their time of questioning.

Depression in Ministry Image

4 Ways Depression Manifests in Ministry

A common mental health stigma is that strong Christians cannot experience depression and/or anxiety. But this is most definitely an unfair falsehood.


3 Big Statistics on Marriage

Marriage is on the decline although it remains the penultimate relationship between two people according to Scripture. Here are three big statistics from our free eBook on the state of marriage today.

addiction in the church

5 Practical Ways to Address Addiction in the Church

Whether an individual in your church is struggling or a family is dealing with the effects second-hand, the impact of addiction is widespread. Here are five practical ways to address addiction in your church.

church building

Let's (Not) Talk About Sex: Breaking Down the Stigma in Church

In certain church circles, we tend to believe the lie that “we don’t need to talk about sex.” Unfortunately, avoiding discussions about sex is possibly doing more harm than good.

anxious girl

2 Statistics That Prove Anxiety is an Issue We Can't Ignore In Our Church Community

Mental health concerns are escalating dramatically among young people. And despite the “code of silence” many churches take around anxiety, Christian families are not exempt from this mental health issue.


The Perception of Singleness And Its Effects on Identity

Single adults in church oftentimes encounter a type of perception called ambiguity. As a single adult — especially in the church where marriage is so highly celebrated — not knowing how others perceive them can prompt feelings of insecurity in their identity.