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Leaders help people face challenging relationship issues. They need excellent resources to do that well.

We’ve identified the highest quality resources grounded in sound theological and psychological principles, and which are also relevant, engaging, and powerful. Books, articles, videos, and programs from our staff, advisory board members, and ministry partners will lead you to many exceptional materials covering a range of topics.

Explore the many resources available to you:

Our Program’s Resources  |  Barna Report on Restoring Relationships  |  Social Media Resources
eBook: Vital Tools for Relevant Church Leaders



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RelateStrong will transform the leader within while providing training and resources to help couples and individuals build stronger, healthier relationships.

RelateStrong prepares leaders to facilitate small-group discussion sessions within their churches, universities and nonprofits to help build stronger, healthier relationships. RelateStrong is built on a foundation of theology and Restoration Therapy's Pain & Peace Cycle that effectively defines identity and safety patterns, while empowering emotional regulation and mindfulness for behavioral change.
The program is designed to work with either couples or individuals, and offers a comprehensive live training and supplemental curriculum.

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RelateStrong | Leadership Series

Empowering Difficult Conversations Between Church Leaders & Their Congregations

The RelateStrong | Leadership Series provides videos, workbooks, and other resources designed to help Christian leaders facilitate productive and helpful conversations about difficult topics. We apply RelateStrong’s Pain and Peace cycles framework to address anxiety, addiction, connecting with adolescents, physical intimacy, pornography, marriage, singleness, and self-care.

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Relationship IQ

Healthy and Godly Relationships

Relationship IQ provides a powerful method for talking about relationships with young adults. When we say "relationships," we mean ALL relationships — connections with friends, family, romantic partners, co-workers, professors, roommates and God.

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Pain & Peace Cycle Videos

Whether you are a minister within a church, a lay leader seeking to help others build stronger relationships, or a licensed therapist, this video collection can help you better understand how you can use the Pain & Peace Cycle.

The Pain & Peace Cycle, a core framework utilized in Restoration Therapy, is an integral part of Boone Center for the Family Programs — including RelateStrong | Training and RelateStrong | Leadership Series.

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RelateStrong Teaching Videos

The RelateStrong teaching videos are a new resource now included with the purchase of a RelateStrong | Individuals or Couples leader guide, designed to help you get the most out of your small-group experience.

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Barna Report Cover – Restoring Relationships

Barna Report on Restoring Relationships

More than a year in the making, this Barna report co-authored with the Boone Center presents research and analysis around: How Churches Can Help People Heal and Develop Healthy Connections.

Even before COVID-19, three out of four people were experiencing relational pressure of some kind and one-in-three practicing Christians reported dealing with anxiety or depression that has an impact on their significant relationships, according to the study.

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eBook: Vital Tools for Relevant Church Leaders

The downloadable RelateStrong | Leadership Series eBook empowers church leaders to discuss with their congregations often challenging and demanding topics like: Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Marriage, Parenting, Pornography, Sexual Intimacy, and Singleness.

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