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A Little Thing About Intimacy

Craving closeness is something that many of us experience. Understanding our need for intimacy and how it can impact our patterns in relationships can help us become aware of our vulnerabilities and help us better tend to our own needs.


Why The Way We Treat People Matters

Christians can say much by how they interact with each other. The words people use and the actions we take can communicate compassion or inflict pain. Our ways of interacting can reveal a person’s character and relationship with the Lord. Reflecting on Ephesians 4:32, here are four explanations for why how we treat others matters in our relationship with God.


Mastering the Basics of Collaboration

Working as a team is often easier to describe than to execute, especially when tensions run high. Sometimes the most effective ways to collaborate are to return to the basics and take the process one step at a time.


3 Tools For Becoming More Self-Aware

Dating relationships, friendships, and even professional relationships are best when individuals are aware of their personality traits and how they translate into their strengths and weaknesses. A few great places to start are to spend time with your Creator, inquire from trusted individuals, and become familiar with your passions and interests.


Why Finding Your Own Christian Community is Important

Moving away for college or deciding to move out of your parent's home is a time of great transition. While creating new routines and ways to do life is a positive part of becoming an adult, it is essential for the personal and spiritual development of believers to connect to a Christian community.


4 Ways Sex Can Affect Brain Synapses

Sex can be a hot or taboo topic among many young adults. Whether a person is preparing to have a conversation about the topic of sex or wants to make an informed decision, it is helpful to understand the effects sexual activity has on synaptic connections in the brain.


How to Address Your Friend’s Self-Destructive Behavior

We all face challenges in life. Many of us have friends or are leaders of individuals who struggle with self-destructive behavior. Supporting and encouraging someone to seek out a therapist is a helpful option, but understanding how to help the person and not enable the behavior is also essential.


Is Your View of God Affecting Your Relationship With Him?

How do you view God? It’s not unlike the question Jesus once posed to Peter, asking, “Who do you say I am?” Trials and hardships often affect how we see God, His provision, and faithfulness.


5 Characteristics of Healthy Attachment in Online Relationships

Over the last 5-10 years, technology has rapidly advanced and more people are using virtual platforms to stay connected. With so many more relationships beginning or being developed over the internet, it’s essential to understand what healthy attachment and security look like online to help individuals stay engaged while maintaining independence.


Words to Avoid to Effectively Communicate During Conflict

Regardless of the relationship, conflict is inevitable. Being able to handle conflict well takes practice and time, and even with developed skills, conflict can still be left unresolved. Here are some trigger words to avoid that can intensify a conflict instead of resolving it.