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Why Finding Your Own Christian Community is Important

Moving away for college or deciding to move out of your parent's home is a time of great transition. While creating new routines and ways to do life is a positive part of becoming an adult, it is essential for the personal and spiritual development of believers to connect to a Christian community.


How to Learn a New Perspective on Painful Memories

Memories are powerful and play a vital role in developing how people view themselves and how they relate to the world. When memories evoke feelings, such as fear, shame, or sadness, people can find themselves stuck in relational patterns with no apparent way out. Memories have the power to construct the narrative of a person’s life--but the brain can change the story.

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The Connection Between Your Earthly Parents and Your Heavenly Father

There is interesting research that finds a correlation between your relationship with your parents, particularly your father, and your initial view of who God is and how much we want a relationship with Him. Father’s Day is approaching and one thing is certain: it is important for our spiritual maturity to be aware of how this connection with our earthly fathers may transfer into our connection with our Heavenly Father.

Grad and Parents

Help! I Disagree with My Parents

The key here is to engage in disagreements with greater balance and respect than you did when you were a child.


Transitioning from Being a Child to an Adult

As children grow into young adults, they can take over more and more of life’s responsibilities that the parents once controlled. Some of these responsibilities parents are glad to give over to, but they may be still trying to hold onto other areas.

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Tips to Help You Establish a Healthy Relationship with Your Parents

Changing the way young adults relate with parents can be difficult because they have been practicing the old way for at least a couple of decades. The good news is that people can change.