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3 Tools For Becoming More Self-Aware

Dating relationships, friendships, and even professional relationships are best when individuals are aware of their personality traits and how they translate into their strengths and weaknesses. A few great places to start are to spend time with your Creator, inquire from trusted individuals, and become familiar with your passions and interests.


How to Be Proactive Against Pitfalls in Dating and Singleness

Dating can be an exciting time at any age and can come with new experiences and feelings along the way. Although dating is primarily thought of as a positive experience, there are a few common pitfalls we can fall into at any stage of the partnering process. Regardless of if you are thinking about dating or entering into a relationship, practicing proactiveness can help you improve the relationship and avoid pitfalls in the future.


The Dating Downside of Being Busy

Our cultural worth is often valued by how many activities or people we have pressing on our time. People constantly talk about how much is on their plate. While many of us are quite busy, telling everyone usually serves only to make them feel you believe you are important and, indirectly, that you don’t have time for them.


Helpful Tips to Get "Asked Out" on a Date

Often, we put up walls without realizing it as a defense mechanism. Here are some steps that can help you send off more inviting signals.


The Need for Meaningful Connection

We want someone to delight in us—just the way we are. However, it is not uncommon to feel unloved and unlovable when someone doesn’t return our love or doesn’t love us well or stops loving us.

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Why Do We Date?

We want a partner to "do life" with. God showed he understood this need when he said it was not good for Adam to be alone and made Eve.