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3 Tools For Becoming More Self-Aware


Dating relationships, friendships, and even professional relationships are best when individuals are aware of their personality traits and how they translate into their strengths and weaknesses.

The Relationship IQ module How to Date the Best highlights the importance of self-awareness and how this can affect a romantic relationship, which also could be translated to other relationships. Becoming more aware of personal character traits can be done in many ways; but a few great places to start are to spend time with your Creator, inquire from trusted individuals, and become familiar with your passions and interests.

1. Spend time with God. Allow God's love to sink deeply into your soul and convince you that you are worthy, valuable, and have significance because you are made in His image and forgiven by Him. Make time for God in ways that are connecting for you: Scripture study, worship, nature, church, conversation, service. It's also helpful to reflect on Scripture that talks explicitly about our value as God's children and His high calling on our lives.

2.  Ask trusted friends and family. Ask really good friends and loving family what they appreciate in you. Ask what they see as your strengths and where you can improve. Remember—you asked. Take their responses, study them carefully, and ask God if they are true.

3. Make a list of what gets you excited and passionate. Keep the list on hand for a few weeks, adding to it as you encounter things that get you motivated. It can also be helpful to ask yourself, "if money weren't an issue, realistically, what would I want to do?"

Spending time reflecting on your own individual characteristics to increase your self-awareness will benefit you as well as your relationships.

Learn more about how to help young adults gain self-awareness while dating with the How to Date Best module from the Relationship IQ Curriculum.