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Welcome to Boone Center for the Family

Helping communities build stronger, healthier relationships.

The Boone Center for the Family helps communities within churches, academic institutions and Christian organizations by providing programs and training to empower and enable the communities' leaders. We are lucky enough to have our programs underwritten by generous donations and grants, allowing us to offer them at a cost making them accessible to the widest possible audience.



Download Our eBook

The downloadable RelateStrong | Leadership Series eBook empowers church leaders to discuss with their congregations often challenging and demanding topics like: Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Marriage, Parenting, Pornography, Sexual Intimacy, and Singleness.

From Our Blog

  • The Perception of Singleness And Its Effects on Identity
    Single adults in church oftentimes encounter a type of perception called ambiguity. As a single adult — especially in the church where marriage is so highly celebrated — not knowing how others perceive them can prompt feelings of insecurity in their identity.
  • 6 Practical Ways to "Be Anxious For Nothing"
    Helpful and proven strategies for dealing with persistent anxiety and stress.
  • Common Marriage Myths Debunked
    Recently, we shared three more myths about marriage — deeply-held beliefs that can stunt a couple’s growth if left unaddressed. Here, we cover universal truths to combat these myths.