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About the Boone Center for the Family

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The Boone Center for the Family is an extension of Pepperdine University's commitment to building lives of service, purpose, and leadership. Encouraging the integration of Christian faith and psychology, the Boone Center for the Family offers programming that educates, equips, and empowers leaders with the tools necessary to foster healthy relationships.

Specialized seminars deliver practical skills and provide support resources to diverse audiences, from couples looking to strengthen their marriages to young adults exploring ways to nurture their interpersonal relationships, to church leaders discovering new ways to support spiritual formation in their faith communities. 

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  Is the Boone Center for the Family (BCFF) a counseling center?

No. For counseling at Pepperdine, please contact the Counseling Center. For other counseling inquiries, please email centerforthefamily@pepperdine.edu, and we can give suggestions of therapists who have been trained in Restoration Therapy, the therapeutic framework that undergirds our psychoeducational programs.

The Boone Center for the Family is a relationship training and resource center dedicated to training leaders and transforming relationships. 

  Who do you train?

Church leaders, therapists, academic professionals, psychology students, professionals, and others interested in helping their communities--or to personally--develop healthy relationships. Find out more information on the RelateStrong Trainings or Relationship IQ Trainings.

  What do you offer Pepperdine faculty, staff, students, and alumni?

BCFF partners with campus departments to offer healthy relationship information for our students, staff, and faculty. Campus partners have included: Office of the Chaplain, Counseling Center, Health Center, Human Resources, Seaver College Communication, Social Science, and Religion Divisions, Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Graziadio Business School, School of Public Policy, and Caruso School of Law. We also conduct a specialized training in leading small groups and interactive presentations that impact the heart and behavior instead of just the mind.

We also partner with campus departments to offer resources to those beyond our campus walls. These partners include Office of Church Relations, the Center for Faith and Learning, and Alumni Affairs.

Check out our upcoming events, rIQ Pepperdine events, or contact us to learn more about partnering with us.

  How is Heart & Soul connected with the BCFF?

Heart & Soul (formerly known as SavvyChic | Heart & Soul) is our annual fundraiser. The event is hosted by the Friends of the Family League, which is our auxiliary fundraising arm that supports the yearly operating budget of the BCFF. Please join us at Heart & Soul!

  What is "Boone" for?

In 2008, the Center for the Family was named after Pat and Shirley Boone. The Boones are passionate about healthy families and endowed the Center with a $3 million gift to support the ongoing work.  Please join them in supporting the vital work of the BCFF.

  How can I be involved with the BCFF?

We'd love to have you join us! There are a few different opportunities:




Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Our Boone Center for the Family staff has a commitment to providing quality services that are both psychologically and theologically grounded in the most relevant and current information. Whether leading an engaging training, recommending a good resource or giving guidance to Christian leaders, the staff enthusiastically works to help meet the needs of the people they serve.

Advisory Board Fall 2023

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for the Boone Center for the Family meets twice each year to learn about and discuss critical relationship issues in our society today. Through their financial support and direction, the Center continues to build programming designed to train leaders to build healthy relationships for themselves and those they serve.

Friends of the Family League

Friends of the Family League

The Boone Center for the Family could not exist without the fundraising arm of the Friends of the Family League. Funds are raised through annual dues and the very popular yearly event, SavvyChic | Heart & Soul.