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A Little Thing About Intimacy

Craving closeness is something that many of us experience. Understanding our need for intimacy and how it can impact our patterns in relationships can help us become aware of our vulnerabilities and help us better tend to our own needs.


4 Ways Sex Can Affect Brain Synapses

Sex can be a hot or taboo topic among many young adults. Whether a person is preparing to have a conversation about the topic of sex or wants to make an informed decision, it is helpful to understand the effects sexual activity has on synaptic connections in the brain.


When Friends Tell You Their Decision to Cohabitate

Many people and numerous Christians have differing views and opinions on cohabitation. If close friends of yours shared that they were deciding to live together, you might be happy for them or you might have conflicting feelings. Here are some valuable points to think about to assist you in constructing what you hope to communicate in the dialogue.


Sliding vs. Deciding: The Downside to Cohabitation Before Marriage

In marriage we should be able to rest secure in the commitment of our spouse and not pursue the other as an idol. In cohabitation you are continually on audition to be the other’s choice. That insecurity makes it difficult to pursue God wholeheartedly, especially as God asks you to be iron—and to be iron for each other.

man and woman

So You Messed Up in Your Relationship? Here's The Keys to Change

God encourages us to remain pure until marriage, but you may come across a young adult who has already been sexually active. Here is the good news—God is a redeemer, knew we would mess up, and made our brains moldable.


Talking About Sex with Young Adults

There is so much in our culture that is untrue about sex. God has given us a beautiful gift in our sexuality, and we need to talk about how He does want us to use this gift.