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Talking About Sex with Young Adults


Sex is a pervasive topic in our society and a very relevant issue for young adults. Statistics show dishearteningly high rates of unmarried young adults and teens are sexually active. Young adults need a safe place to talk about sexual issues, and they need adults in their lives who are willing to talk, listen, understand, and guide. There is so much in our culture that is untrue about sex. God has given us a beautiful gift in our sexuality, and we need to talk about how He does want us to use this gift.

In our society, various people hold vastly different views of healthy sexuality. Some views are displayed more frequently than others through the media, at home, or at school. We each gravitate toward a certain view as we develop our own.

Young adults who are not sexually active outside of marriage are avoiding a lot of extra pain and work. It may not feel like the cool thing to do—or even what they
always want—but the investment they are making in relationships is worth it. Sex blinds us to the other person's faults and to the ways we are not a good fit for each other.

Here's some helpful advice: If you are sexually active, intentionally seek out good, honest friends and family who love you and know you and ask them what they think. It is likely you aren't seeing some dynamic in the relationship that your friends and family can see. Take seriously the feedback you receive, even if it is not what you want to hear. God knows how He made us. He knows what is good for us and for our relationships, and He wants what is best in our lives.

Teens and young adults may have many questions - learn more about discussing the topic of Sex in our "What About Sex" module in the Relationship IQ Program.