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Is Your View of God Affecting Your Relationship With Him?

How do you view God? It’s not unlike the question Jesus once posed to Peter, asking, “Who do you say I am?” Trials and hardships often affect how we see God, His provision, and faithfulness.


5 Characteristics of Healthy Attachment in Online Relationships

Over the last 5-10 years, technology has rapidly advanced and more people are using virtual platforms to stay connected. With so many more relationships beginning or being developed over the internet, it’s essential to understand what healthy attachment and security look like online to help individuals stay engaged while maintaining independence.


Words to Avoid to Effectively Communicate During Conflict

Regardless of the relationship, conflict is inevitable. Being able to handle conflict well takes practice and time, and even with developed skills, conflict can still be left unresolved. Here are some trigger words to avoid that can intensify a conflict instead of resolving it.


How to Learn a New Perspective on Painful Memories

Memories are powerful and play a vital role in developing how people view themselves and how they relate to the world. When memories evoke feelings, such as fear, shame, or sadness, people can find themselves stuck in relational patterns with no apparent way out. Memories have the power to construct the narrative of a person’s life--but the brain can change the story.


How to Be Proactive Against Pitfalls in Dating and Singleness

Dating can be an exciting time at any age and can come with new experiences and feelings along the way. Although dating is primarily thought of as a positive experience, there are a few common pitfalls we can fall into at any stage of the partnering process. Regardless of if you are thinking about dating or entering into a relationship, practicing proactiveness can help you improve the relationship and avoid pitfalls in the future.


When Friends Tell You Their Decision to Cohabitate

Many people and numerous Christians have differing views and opinions on cohabitation. If close friends of yours shared that they were deciding to live together, you might be happy for them or you might have conflicting feelings. Here are some valuable points to think about to assist you in constructing what you hope to communicate in the dialogue.


Making Time, Spending Time, and Giving Space

When it comes to relationships, intentionality is a common and essential characteristic of healthy relationships. Being a good friend can often be easier said than done, and with COVID-19, many of us have had to rearrange our schedules meaning that friendships have had to take a back seat. Going back to some of the basic principles of friendship can be a helpful place to start.


The Importance of Solitude in an Over-Connected World

As the new year is almost here, many of us are thinking about what we want to do differently. For many of us, this means making changes to our health, doing more of those activities we’ve always wanted to do, or spending more time with certain people. Amid all the technological changes, what has your relationship been like with yourself?


It's Ok to Need People

Christmas is fast approaching. What are some thoughts going through your head? Many people are just ready for a break, a time out from the day to day of life, and others may be looking forward to spending time with family or friends if a gathering is an option. If you look back at the year 2020, what have relationships looked like for you?


Understanding the Five Conflict Styles

Conflict is a part of life in relationships, and the way we handle conflict can say a lot about us. Many people have provided tools and strategies for navigating tension and issues effectively, but it is also helpful to understand people’s common styles in conflict as a framework for navigating conflict.