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God Has Boundaries Too Image

God has Boundaries Too

Boundaries can be difficult for Christians. Sometimes we feel like we should not have boundaries and should give everything we have, including much of our time, to others. There is something heroic, martyr-like, and righteous-sounding about that idea. But this is not how Jesus lived.

Grad and Parents

Help! I Disagree with My Parents

The key here is to engage in disagreements with greater balance and respect than you did when you were a child.


Helpful Tips to Get "Asked Out" on a Date

Often, we put up walls without realizing it as a defense mechanism. Here are some steps that can help you send off more inviting signals.

man and woman

So You Messed Up in Your Relationship? Here's The Keys to Change

God encourages us to remain pure until marriage, but you may come across a young adult who has already been sexually active. Here is the good news—God is a redeemer, knew we would mess up, and made our brains moldable.

man with blazer

Two Helpful Hints to Maximize the Benefits of Technology in Relationships

Communicating effectively and honestly can be difficult, especially when you add technology into the mix. Learn two tips for healthy communication in an age of technology.

man and woman

Three Tips for Addressing Difficult Issues with Friends

One reason friendships may slide back into the superficial level or die altogether is because we do not address issues in the relationship. Using these simple techniques will get you started on important conversations.


Tips to Correctly Communicate Your Boundaries

How you communicate your boundaries is important. Sometimes you need to communicate your boundaries directly. Sometimes, the topic is sensitive and hard to bring up


Transitioning from Being a Child to an Adult

As children grow into young adults, they can take over more and more of life’s responsibilities that the parents once controlled. Some of these responsibilities parents are glad to give over to, but they may be still trying to hold onto other areas.


The Need for Meaningful Connection

We want someone to delight in us—just the way we are. However, it is not uncommon to feel unloved and unlovable when someone doesn’t return our love or doesn’t love us well or stops loving us.


Talking About Sex with Young Adults

There is so much in our culture that is untrue about sex. God has given us a beautiful gift in our sexuality, and we need to talk about how He does want us to use this gift.