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Identifying Signs of Addiction

There are certain symptoms of addiction. Church leaders that are able to recognize these symptoms can better serve members of their congregation that may be walking through addiction.


The #1 Statistic on Addiction Concerning Our Children

We tend to think addiction is something that happens outside our own family, and most certainly outside of the Church. The unfortunate reality, however, is that addiction does not discriminate — which means it could very well be affecting those around you each Sunday.


The “A” Word in Church: Addressing Addiction From the Pulpit

Addiction is a heavy issue with widespread effects — not only on the user themselves, but on their friends and families. From the pulpit to churchwide programs, here are 8 ways to tackle this serious issue with your church community.

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5 Practical Ways to Address Addiction in the Church

Whether an individual in your church is struggling or a family is dealing with the effects second-hand, the impact of addiction is widespread. Here are five practical ways to address addiction in your church.

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From Pain to Peace: A Real-Life Case Study of Addiction

A real-life example of how one family dealt with their struggles through the Pain and Peace Cycle.


Addiction Doesn’t Start in the Dark, But in Your Medicine Cabinet

Did you know that illegal drug use often doesn’t start with a shady-looking drug dealer, but instead in the average medicine cabinet?


Addiction and the Church: 2 New Stats We Can’t Ignore

54.1%: The percentage of the 2.8 million first-time illicit drug users in 2013 who were under 18 years of age.*


The Subtle Danger of Widespread Drug Addiction

As marijuana tops headlines across the country, many are quick to defend its medicinal benefits. One lesser-known fact, however, is that more than half of new illicit drug users begin with marijuana.

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"115" — Why You Must Know This Number and Its Relationship to the Opioid Epidemic

During 2016, there were more than 63,000 overdose deaths in the United States, including 42,249 that involved an opioid (66.4%).

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The "Treatment Gap" for Addiction + The Impact on U.S. Church Communities

Like most other issues, the church is not immune to addiction. But the church can be involved with helping those struggling.