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The #1 Statistic on Addiction Concerning Our Children


We tend to think addiction is something that happens outside our own family, and most certainly outside of the church. The unfortunate reality, however, is that addiction does not discriminate — which means it could very well be affecting those gathering with you virtually or in-person each Sunday or even in your own home.

Addiction does not discriminate between the churched and unchurched.

On the contrary, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports alarming statistics about the state of drug use amongst all of our nation's teenagers:

"86% of teenagers know someone who smokes, drinks or uses drugs during the school day; 50% teenagers have misused a drug at least once in their lifetime; and in 2016, 43% of college students used an illicit drug."*


  1. What are your thoughts and emotions as you process this statistic?
  2. What programs, sermons or tools do you have in place to breach drugs and addiction with your youth?


If you haven't already, consider making a plan to address drug addiction with the youth, and their families, in your congregation. For example, offer classes or other educational programs that address addiction and related topics to help children understand the damaging effects. Be sure that youth and college ministry leaders are trained in recognizing and responding to addiction and substance abuse because addiction often starts in the teen years. For more ideas, concrete evidence, and practical applications, refer to the Addiction section in the free RelateStrong | Leadership Series eBook.

* Statistic quoted from the website of the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, www.drugabusestatistics.org.