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The Value of “Us-ness” in Marriage

When two can look at the relationship as an identity in and of itself — the third identity of “us” — they start to move together in cooperation, not conflict.


2 Ways to Know: It’s Not Them. It’s You.

When discord occurs in a marriage, relationship or even friendship, we are quick to point out the flaws in others. Here are two truths from Dr. Terry Hargrave to help us “pull out the log” in our own eye before pointing blame at our partner.


From Pain to Peace: A Healing Exercise In Marriage

Changing the course of marriages strengthens the family, church and culture. While many couples are in quarantine all day, every day together, it is likely they will experience some conflict. One practical way to support a healthier marriage is to walk a couple through the pain and peace cycle.


3 Big Statistics on Marriage

Marriage is on the decline although it remains the penultimate relationship between two people according to Scripture. Here are three big statistics from our free eBook on the state of marriage today.


Common Marriage Myths Debunked

Recently, we shared three more myths about marriage — deeply-held beliefs that can stunt a couple’s growth if left unaddressed. Here, we cover universal truths to combat these myths.

marriage myths

3 Common Marriage Myths

Essential truths every married couple can benefit from

marital conflict

4 Helpful Truths During Marital Conflict

Oftentimes during marital conflict, it’s easy to point blame at the other party — without recognizing or even noticing our role in the fight.

marriage kitchen

When Two Become One: Building Healthy Marriages in Church

Six practical ways to support stronger, healthier marriages in your church.

couple laughing

Breaking Down the Top Marriage Myths

Here are four universal truths about marriage in response to our recently posted commonly held myths.

wedding table

Top 3 Marriage Myths

As you counsel couples toward marriage, you are bound to hear one of — if not all three — of these deeply-held beliefs.