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6 More Ways to Address Pornography With Your Church

Here we dive into three practicals from the pulpit and three programmatic practicals to help you address pornography with your congregation.


More Common Myths of Pornography Use

Diving into three myths of pornography use, and the universal truths that shed light on its true effects.


The Most Common Myths of Pornography Use

After years counseling individuals and couples struggling with pornography and its impacts, we shared in our eBook the 3 most common myths of using pornography — and the universal truths that debunk them

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Pornography and the Church: 5 Responses in Love

With pornography more accessible through its widespread availability online, a large number of Americans are affected by habitual use — many of whom are regular churchgoers.


The Falsehoods That Cause Self-Enablement of Pornography

Pornography can be a toxic addition to the way we think about ourselves. Yet, while we engage in this destructive behavior, we tend to want to justify that it is “no big deal” and bears little effect.


Pornography = An Unhealthy Answer to the Need to Escape

What’s the true cost of a no-cost addiction?

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Why Church Leaders Can't Ignore the Prevalence of Pornography

The myth that “church members are less likely to have a problem with porn” tends to keep the subject out of church circles.