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Pornography and the Church: 5 Responses in Love

With pornography more accessible through its widespread availability online, a large number of Americans are affected by habitual use — many of whom are regular churchgoers.

The good news is, healing from pornography use is possible by first acknowledging its prevalence, then working toward restoration in the context of relationship. After all, healing from pornography rarely happens without support from others.

Here are five practical ways to address couples and individuals struggling with pornography in your church:

  • Have empathy: "I am so sorry for your pain" (grace can be pivotal in the healing process)
  • Validate pain with opportunities to name and grieve losses
  • Be sensitive. Offer hope but not quick platitudes.
  • Assure spouses they are not to be blamed for the other spouses' choices
  • Do not advise a partner to forgive too quickly, but teach that forgiveness is a process of building trust.

How have you addressed pornography use with your church?

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