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Why Teaching Your Children to Think Rationally & Biblically Matters

One of the greatest gifts that parents can give their children is to raise them to think Biblically and rationally. No one does that all of the time, but if parents can teach their children to catch themselves and replace the unhealthy thought with a good one, they will do much better in college, work, relationships, and life.


How to Help Your Children Believe What is True

The Pain Cycle is what Dr. Terry Hargrave, in Restoration Therapy, has named the pattern that can occur when we face stressors and disappointments in life. Too often when these events happen, especially if we’ve had difficult childhoods, we can have feelings that aren’t really true. So how do we help our children believe what is true?


Anxiety And Our Children: 2 Insights We Can’t Ignore

Mental health concerns are dramatically escalating among our youth. However, there still remains a “code of silence” around this issue in the church. Here are two insights we can’t ignore when it comes to anxiety and our children.


The Wisdom to Let Go: A Timely Proverb

Some parents are good at holding onto their children, but they have a harder time letting go. While there is a time and a season for both, the latter is a reality all parents have to face as children transition to young adults. In a season when college-age and adult children are returning home due to the coronavirus pandemic, balancing adulthood while living under the same roof as their parents can be even more elusive.

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2 Statistics That Prove Anxiety is an Issue We Can't Ignore In Our Church Community

Mental health concerns are escalating dramatically among young people. And despite the “code of silence” many churches take around anxiety, Christian families are not exempt from this mental health issue.

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More Common Myths That Breed Anxious Parenting

More of our children today are being diagnosed with anxiety than ever before. One of the most common causes? Anxious parenting

anxious parenting

The Most Widely-Held Beliefs That Lead to Anxious Parenting

Three of the most common myths that lead to anxious parenting and the universal truths to combat them

type a parent

The Type A Parent: 7 Ways to Avoid Over-Pressuring

Raise resilient children, aware that life can present challenges but confident they can cope.

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The Helicopter Parent: 5 Ways to Avoid Over-Protecting

Tips to raise resilient children, aware that life can present challenges but confident that they can cope.

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Anxiety-Free vs Anxiety-Aware — Knowing the Difference in Parenting

Studies show anxiety among students keeps rising with more and more seeking help, with much of that anxiety passed down from anxious parenting.