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myths anxious parenting

More Common Myths That Breed Anxious Parenting

More of our children today are being diagnosed with anxiety than ever before. One of the most common causes? Anxious parenting

anxious parenting

The Most Widely-Held Beliefs That Lead to Anxious Parenting

Three of the most common myths that lead to anxious parenting and the universal truths to combat them

type a parent

The Type A Parent: 7 Ways to Avoid Over-Pressuring

Raise resilient children, aware that life can present challenges but confident they can cope.

wood working parent and child

The Helicopter Parent: 5 Ways to Avoid Over-Protecting

Tips to raise resilient children, aware that life can present challenges but confident that they can cope.

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Anxiety-Free vs Anxiety-Aware -- Knowing the Difference in Parenting

Studies show anxiety among students keeps rising with more and more seeking help, with much of that anxiety passed down from anxious parenting.

parent and child

3 Straightforward Ways Parents Can Ease Anxiety in Kids

Here are three straightforward ways to ease anxiety — in ourselves, and in turn, our kids.

Dad and Son

Teaching Kids to Bounce Back: Physical, Social, Cognitive and Spiritual Strategies for Coping

Learning to regulate emotions is an important life skill that must be developed. Like a muscle, the more you work at it over time, the stronger, more capable you get.


The Lion in the Room: Modern Causes for the Increase in Anxiety in Our Kids

Many young adults today live with anxiety that behaves like a lurking lion, leaving their brains in a state of hyperarousal that makes it hard to work, sleep, eat or concentrate.