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More Common Myths That Breed Anxious Parenting

anxious parenting

This post is a continuation from a previous post, "The Most Widely-Held Beliefs That Lead to Anxious Parenting."

More of our children today are being diagnosed with anxiety than ever before.

One of the most common causes? Anxious parenting. Take a look with us at two more myths that lead to anxious parenting — and the universal truths in response.

Common Myths of Parenting

  • More is better. Giving children every opportunity in sports, music and academic tutoring is helpful for children's development.
  • Protecting children and adolescents from all disappointment and hurt is a critical part of being a parent.

Universal Truths to Anxious Parenting

  • Life is sometimes hard; children need to develop skills to handle hard times.
  • Children and adolescents need to develop the "muscles" of emotional regulation and distress tolerance.
  • Children need to develop skills to deal with unsafe situations.
  • Teaching children to rely on faith in God can be a helpful tool for them.

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