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The Most Widely-Held Beliefs That Lead to Anxious Parenting


We are living in an age of anxiety, where more of our children are being diagnosed with this mental health issue than ever before.

As we have covered in previous blog posts, one of the most common causes to anxiety in children is anxious parenting. Below, we look at three of the most common myths that lead to anxious parenting — and the universal truths to combat them, as shared by Dr. Connie Horton.

Common Myths of Parenting

  • Children and teens do not notice and are not impacted by their parents' anxieties.
  • If parents make the right decisions, their children will be totally safe.
  • You can never start too soon to build your child's resume

Universal Truths to Anxious Parenting

  • This is an age of anxiety and parents' anxiety builds their children's anxiety.
  • Parents can overpressure their children to get them ready for the world.
  • Parents often overprotect children from hurt, disappointment and frustration.
  • Adults need help settling themselves.

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