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"Sexual Intimacy"

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Physical Intimacy Does Not Solely Equal Sex — Healthy Definitions of Physical Intimacy

One of the most common associations with the term "intimacy" is sex. But sexual relating is just one aspect of physical intimacy and physical relating, both of which are founded on touch.


Healthy Sexuality and the Church: Dispelling the Myths

Sex and sexuality are an integral part of our design as individuals and in relationships. However, research suggests 45-50% of individuals or couples report they are having sexual problems.


3 Practical Steps to Increase Intimacy Through Conversation

One of the most important aspects of a healthy sexual relationship in marriage is communication. That is, the ability to discuss sex and its significance to the individual, as well as to the marriage. This can become even more important, and sometimes more challenging, as couples spend increased time together during Covid-19.

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Let's (Not) Talk About Sex: Breaking Down the Stigma in Church

In certain church circles, we tend to believe the lie that “we don’t need to talk about sex.” Unfortunately, avoiding discussions about sex is possibly doing more harm than good.

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2 Questions, 1 Passage on Sex and the Church

Sex is a beautiful gift from God that is created to bind two partners as one

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Physical Intimacy and Marriage: Fantasy vs. Reality

There are three types of intimacy necessary to keep love alive over time.

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Attraction vs. Attachment-Based Intimacy in Marriage

Attachment-based intimacy is about building and maintaining a special lifelong bond with the loved one.

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7 Exercises to a More Intimate Marriage

As the years pass in marriage, it’s easy to take for granted the bonding power of touch, or to reserve all physical relating to the bedroom. But physical intimacy involves so many types of physical connection — not just sex.


Green, Purple & Orange: The 3 Types of Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy includes various kinds of physical connection — not just sex. There are various layers to physical intimacy, demonstrated in the figure below by Dr. Doug Rosenau.

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Understanding "Agape Love" as the Highest Form of Intimacy

Songs and Hallmark cards may shout one thing, but in the Bible, love — and more specifically, agape love — is what frames the Great Commandment.