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Breaking Down the Top Marriage Myths

Recently, we posed the top 3 myths in marriage — deeply-held beliefs that can stunt a couple's growth if left unaddressed.

Here, we cover the universal truths to combat these myths, as shared in our free RelateStrong | Leadership Series eBook:

The Marriage Myths Revisited

  1. The most important aspect to marital success is partner compatibility.
  2. My partner should meet my needs.
  3. Personality and gender differences are impossible to change in marriage.

While marriage is still popular as a relationship, the reality is marriages — the most stable and important relationship in our churches and communities — are struggling.

Here are four universal truths about marriage in response to those commonly held myths.

Universal Truths About Marriage

  1. Marriage is our closest relationship where we learn to grow.
  2. We need to grow as emotionally mature and emotionally stable individuals.
  3. Life habits and desirable virtues are good for us in relationships.
  4. Focusing on renewing our minds to take off the "old self" behaviors makes us ready to grow.

What truths do you tend to share with couples who are struggling?

Who in your church, or community, needs to hear these truths today?