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Intermingling Depression and Anxiety

The Intermingling of Depression and Anxiety

Four practices frequently used in marriage and family therapist sessions to guide Christians, churches and faith communities through anxiety and depression.

marriage myths

3 Common Marriage Myths

Essential truths every married couple can benefit from


More Common Myths of Pornography Use

Diving into three myths of pornography use, and the universal truths that shed light on its true effects.


Addiction Doesn't Start in the Dark, But in Your Medicine Cabinet

Did you know that illegal drug use often doesn’t start with a shady-looking drug dealer, but instead in the average medicine cabinet?

anxious parenting

The Most Widely-Held Beliefs That Lead to Anxious Parenting

Three of the most common myths that lead to anxious parenting and the universal truths to combat them


The Big, Unanswerable Question: "Why Am I Still Single?"

There is no one right answer to the question of, “Why am I single?” Nor should there be. Just as humans are complex beings, so, too, are the reasons behind one’s singleness.

what does the bible say about self care

What Does the Bible Say About Self-Care?

As depression and anxiety awareness sweeps through the Church, learning how we can best care for ourselves is the next step.

marital conflict

4 Helpful Truths During Marital Conflict

Oftentimes during marital conflict, it’s easy to point blame at the other party — without recognizing or even noticing our role in the fight.

type a parent

The Type A Parent: 7 Ways to Avoid Over-Pressuring

Raise resilient children, aware that life can present challenges but confident they can cope.

struggling with depression

2 Practical Steps For Those in Ministry Struggling With Depression

But, it is not uncommon for Christians — including pastors and ministry leaders — to experience depression and anxiety. Look to ur eBook to help your congregation (and even yourself) when struggling with depression.