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How to Help Your Children Believe What is True

The Pain Cycle is what Dr. Terry Hargrave, in Restoration Therapy, has named the pattern that can occur when we face stressors and disappointments in life. Too often when these events happen, especially if we’ve had difficult childhoods, we can have feelings that aren’t really true. So how do we help our children believe what is true?


The #1 Statistic on Addiction Concerning Our Children

We tend to think addiction is something that happens outside our own family, and most certainly outside of the Church. The unfortunate reality, however, is that addiction does not discriminate — which means it could very well be affecting those around you each Sunday.


The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Ministry in 2021

Swimming or sinking, we have made it to a new year. For many pastors, church leaders, and lay leaders, the last year has brought seasons of unique difficulty and burnout. How would you like to see your outreach develop in the year ahead? The answer may be more connected to how well you are faring than you might have imagined.


Still Home for the Holidays

This Christmas, families are learning how to be together in new and different ways. From feeling "shut-in" to endless cooking and dishes, here are solutions for the COVID-related dilemmas many of our families and friends are facing this holiday season.


Healthy Sexuality and the Church: Dispelling the Myths

Sex and sexuality are an integral part of our design as individuals and in relationships. However, research suggests 45-50% of individuals or couples report they are having sexual problems.


Dealing with Depression During the Holidays

Thanksgiving is here-- but likely, you or someone you know may be experiencing a little more heaviness this season. Maybe some long-held traditions cannot happen this year. Maybe there are some empty seats and missing recipes. We have a surplus of reasons to be feeling “off” this November and it is imperative to our ministries that we understand what is really going on when dealing with depression.


2 Ways to Know: It’s Not Them. It’s You.

When discord occurs in a marriage, relationship or even friendship, we are quick to point out the flaws in others. Here are two truths from Dr. Terry Hargrave to help us “pull out the log” in our own eye before pointing blame at our partner.


Anxiety And Our Children: 2 Insights We Can’t Ignore

Mental health concerns are dramatically escalating among our youth. However, there still remains a “code of silence” around this issue in the church. Here are two insights we can’t ignore when it comes to anxiety and our children.


Landmark Study, Developed in Conjunction with the Barna Group, Looks at ‘Restoring Relationships’

The newly released study, Restoring Relationships: How Churches Can Help People Heal and Develop Healthy Connections, provides a data-rich understanding of the current state of relationship crises. Developed in partnership between the Boone Center for the Family and the Barna Group, the report was more than a year in the making and takes a deep dive into the current climate of mental, emotional and relational health through issues.

cindy's pain and peace cycle img

From Pain to Peace: How Cindy Resolved Her Own Question of Singleness

One effective tool for self-reflection is the pain and peace cycle. By studying the deep-rooted causes and beliefs of our pain, we are better able to identify and disrupt this pain cycle by changing our patterns in thought, and in action.