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Understanding Pornography Use and Secret Sin

Ever wonder why people use pornography? Often, this behavior is triggered by feeling the desire to escape. But what’s behind the drive to escape?


Embracing Uncertainty and Supporting Singles in Ministry

As you minister to singles in the pain of not knowing if marriage is on the horizon or not, it can be tempting to offer well-intended encouragement or hope that is actually not consistent with Scripture.


Identifying Signs of Addiction

There are certain symptoms of addiction. Church leaders that are able to recognize these symptoms can better serve members of their congregation that may be walking through addiction.


Why Teaching Your Children to Think Rationally & Biblically Matters

One of the greatest gifts that parents can give their children is to raise them to think Biblically and rationally. No one does that all of the time, but if parents can teach their children to catch themselves and replace the unhealthy thought with a good one, they will do much better in college, work, relationships, and life.

couple holding hands

Physical Intimacy Does Not Solely Equal Sex — Healthy Definitions of Physical Intimacy

One of the most common associations with the term "intimacy" is sex. But sexual relating is just one aspect of physical intimacy and physical relating, both of which are founded on touch.


How to Put on the New Self and Stop Living in Anxiety

Anxiety is something that we do. But what drives that anxiety? Essentially, when we identify the underlying roots of our anxiety, we are discovering our pain cycles. This cycle is the pattern that most of us have operated from for the majority of our lives. One of the ways we can understand it is by taking off the “old self” and putting on the “new self.”


From Pain to Peace: A Healing Exercise for Ministry Leaders

Ministry leadership will trigger your pain. No matter who you are or how agreeable your community is, we can embrace this as an inevitable part of “doing life” with others. There are also challenges that are unique to people in positions of church leadership that can easily envelop them in what we call a pain cycle.


The Value of “Us-ness” in Marriage

When two can look at the relationship as an identity in and of itself — the third identity of “us” — they start to move together in cooperation, not conflict.


5 Troublesome Trademarks of Pornography Use

The prevalence of people turning to pornography worldwide has been on the rise over the last several years and we have found many people use it as a destructive coping mechanism. Often, people utilize porn from a larger desire to hide or to escape, but what are the nuances that really factor into its ability to damage us and our relationships?


What I Learned as a Single Adult

The hardest question faced by singles who desire marriage is often, “How long will I be single?” Uncertainty can become a preoccupation. Many singles do not desire marriage, but here is what to know about those who do.