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Embracing Uncertainty and Supporting Singles in Ministry

As you minister to singles in the pain of not knowing if marriage is on the horizon or not, it can be tempting to offer well-intended encouragement or hope that is actually not consistent with Scripture.


What I Learned as a Single Adult

The hardest question faced by singles who desire marriage is often, “How long will I be single?” Uncertainty can become a preoccupation. Many singles do not desire marriage, but here is what to know about those who do.

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From Pain to Peace: How Cindy Resolved Her Own Question of Singleness

One effective tool for self-reflection is the pain and peace cycle. By studying the deep-rooted causes and beliefs of our pain, we are better able to identify and disrupt this pain cycle by changing our patterns in thought, and in action.

3 practices - minister to singles in your church

3 Practices to Help You Minister to Singles in Your Church

In ministering to singles, the temptation arises to provide a simplistic answer. But doing so diminishes the pain this person may feel in their desire to be married. Here are three ways from our free RelateStrong | Leadership Series eBook to better connect and speak to singles in their time of questioning.


The Perception of Singleness And Its Effects on Identity

Single adults in church oftentimes encounter a type of perception called ambiguity. As a single adult — especially in the church where marriage is so highly celebrated — not knowing how others perceive them can prompt feelings of insecurity in their identity.


The Big, Unanswerable Question: "Why Am I Still Single?"

There is no one right answer to the question of, “Why am I single?” Nor should there be. Just as humans are complex beings, so, too, are the reasons behind one’s singleness.

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2 Things to Keep in Mind as You Minister to Single Adults

As inclusive as the Church strives to be, one group that tends to feel alienated is single adults.


Testing Your Perception of Singleness: 5 Questions to Ask

Marriage is a beautiful thing, and highly celebrated in church. But where does that leave single adults?


'Tis the Season to be Melancholy -- Identity Pain and Singleness

Though touted as a “jolly” time for most, this time of year can often trigger pain and sadness for many singles.

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The Staggering Demographic Shift to Singleness in the U.S. in the Last 50 Years

Nearly half the population of U.S. adults are single, and yet marriage and family continue to be celebrated — even idolized — in the church.