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How to Address Your Friend’s Self-Destructive Behavior

We all face challenges in life. Many of us have friends or are leaders of individuals who struggle with self-destructive behavior. Supporting and encouraging someone to seek out a therapist is a helpful option, but understanding how to help the person and not enable the behavior is also essential.


Making Time, Spending Time, and Giving Space

When it comes to relationships, intentionality is a common and essential characteristic of healthy relationships. Being a good friend can often be easier said than done, and with COVID-19, many of us have had to rearrange our schedules meaning that friendships have had to take a back seat. Going back to some of the basic principles of friendship can be a helpful place to start.


Building Friendships During the 2020 Holiday Season

It is going to be different this year as there have been so many new pressures and demands on relationships as we have navigated social distancing, closed churches, universities, and entertainment venues. With so many differences, how can we stay connected and on the same page with friends?

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Tips for talking with friends when they’re having a hard time

In the variety of reactions and responses across our world sparked by the unjust killing of George Floyd in the last week, we are finding an impact on our relationships. Many of us are left with a variety of questions. Here are some helpful tips for engaging with our friends when facing hard times.


A Good Friend Celebrates Successes

Celebrating, rejoicing, and being proud of our friends is a key part of friendship. Good friends want to see their friends succeed. For more about helping young adults become a better stronger friend, check out our Intentionally Friends module within the Relationship IQ Manual.

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Three Tips for Addressing Difficult Issues with Friends

One reason friendships may slide back into the superficial level or die altogether is because we do not address issues in the relationship. Using these simple techniques will get you started on important conversations.

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Build Solid Friendships that Last

During times of high stress, we particularly need our friends to help us destress and sometimes to come alongside us and ease our burden by lending a hand. Allow your friends into your life.