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A Good Friend Celebrates Successes


Celebrating, rejoicing, and being proud of our friends is a key part of friendship. Good friends want to see their friends succeed. Good friends walk alongside someone in the journey of life rooting, encouraging, challenging, and helping friends be who they want to be and who God designed them to be.

A Good Friend Speaks the Truth
Good friends are willing and know how to speak truth into the lives of their friends. While some people may just want "yes-man" (compliant or yielding or submissive) friends, most want a more meaningful, deeper connection that challenges as well as celebrates. There are also times in our life when we are open to hearing the truth and times when we are not. Sometimes when things are going fairly smoothly in our life, we are in a place where we can work on issues in our life and relationships. People are not always ready for truth or the full truth. Good friends know you well enough to determine when it is wise to speak the truth in your life.

"Genuine friendship cannot exist where one of the parties is unwilling to hear the truth and the other is equally indisposed to speak it." – Cicero

Be a friend who celebrates successes and sharpens friends to be their best!

For more about helping young adults become a better stronger friend, check out our Intentionally Friends module within the Relationship IQ Manual.