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Minister's Marriage Enrichment


Helping marriages in ministry to connect and thrive

The pressing demands of ministry often leave ministry couples struggling to prioritize their relationship, which can quickly lead to marital disconnection and distress. The Minister's Marriage Enrichment is a two-day getaway offering couples an opportunity to prioritize their relationship, granting it the attention and nourishment needed for connection and growth.

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Helping marriages in ministry to connect and thrive

This restorative experience is led by licensed marriage and family therapists and includes interaction with other ministry couples facing the same professional challenges. Topics covered during the retreat include:

  • conflict resolution
  • personality differences
  • spiritual gifting
  • boundaries

Thanks to grants and donations, the entire Minister's Marriage Enrichment two-day program is offered at a subsidized cost of $350. Program fees include all sessions and materials, two nights stay in Malibu (or the surrounding area), and breakfast and lunch during the retreat.



A Peaceful Setting For Thought & Togetherness


The Ministers' Marriage Enrichment Retreat includes two nights at the Villa Graziadio on Pepperdine University's beautiful campus overlooking the Pacific Ocean (or other hotel in the area based on Villa Graziadio availability).


The safe and supportive environment of Pepperdine University also allows couples to find restoration in the surrounding beaches and mountains of Malibu, California.


The formal program by the group facilitator begins the morning after participant's first night of stay. Couples are given the evenings to spend together and have dinner in the beautiful coastal community on their own.


Our Long-term Commitment to Churches

In 1972 when Pepperdine University's main campus moved to its current location at the intersection of the Pacific Coast Highway and Malibu Canyon road in Malibu, an administrative decision was made that the university would always maintain a vital relationship with the Churches of Christ. In the past 30 years, several centers on campus including the Boone Center for the Family have been established to pursue that distinctive goal.

Today the Center continues to serve the Churches of Christ but also supports churches from many different denominations and backgrounds. In partnership with The Office of Church Relations and the Center for Faith and Learning, the outreach of church support is a vital and active part of University life. The Ministers' Marriage Enrichment Retreat provides an opportunity for professional church leaders to break away from the everyday pace of ministry and spend time enriching their marriage relationship.

As part of its commitment to serving churches, Pepperdine University partnered with the Barna research group in 2015 to conduct a major study into how today's faith leaders are navigating life and leadership. The State of the Pastors looked closely at pastor's and their relationships with family, friends and peers. In the research, two findings directly speak to the purpose of the Ministers' Marriage Retreat. One is the family life of the pastor's family is directly tied to the ministry satisfaction. Two, is relational harmony between a pastor and his governing team lowers the risk of burnout and ministry dissatisfaction.

The Boone Center for the Family has a commitment to promote relational health in church leaders by providing the Ministers' Marriage Enrichment Retreat at the lowest cost possible. The two-day retreat on the Malibu campus, helps leaders learn to engage in their marriages and relationships calmly with purpose and harmony. Built on the same foundation as MarriageStrong, the couples learn to resolve conflict, appreciate the personalities and gifts of others and draw balanced, flexible and respectful boundaries.

Providing this opportunity for church leaders to support an already healthy marriage or begin a journey of relational health, gives them the skills they need to influence their entire congregation. An investment of a church to support their leader to come to the retreat benefits not only the minister but the entire church. Leaders with strong relationships are much more likely to invest in building a community of healthy relationships.