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Anne W. Lee, M.A., LMFT

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Anne has over 20 years of working in Church lay leadership and is a popular seminar speaker for contemporary programming in the areas of family ministry, marriage preparation and enrichment, parenting support groups, women's ministries and retreats in churches throughout the Los Angeles and Ventura areas. She maintains an active private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist with a specialty in working with women struggling in their life transitions and with new and seasoned couples who may be in crisis or just in "tune-up" mode. Her philosophical approach to her own life as well as her professional work is

"God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a strong mind!"

Anne motivates and guides others to better understand their unique personality design and its impact on relationships, build on their strengths and adjust the fear-based thoughts and actions that may be keeping them from expanding towards a more confident, stable and joyful living experience.

For more information please see Anne Lee at the following websites

www.kairoscc.com or www.familyphases.com

For Speaking Engagements:

contact her personally at 818.522.8785 or email: AnneWLee@aol.com


A Voice of WIT and Wisdom!

Ask Anne to your group or church for speaking engagements that are fun and interactive, poignant and impactful; that include, but are not limited to the following presentations in 1-4 week configurations:

Couple's Growth and Marriage Encouragement

  • Empathy in Marriage: How Shaq and Cinderella Share Shoes
  • Truth & D.A.R.E in Marriage
  • Setting Your Spirit Free in Conflict
  • Forgiveness and Apologies: The Soda Bottle and Can Opener
  • Sacred Marriage "The Space of Grace"Give a RIP---Commit!
  • Reality Love Check at the Love ShackOfficial Emergency Kit for Marriage
  • Sex, Lies and Double-Stick Tape
  • Marriage Preparation: Sexuality and Oneness in Marriage
  • Your Sexual Rule Book Mash-Up
  • How to Save Your Marriage with 3 ft. of Masking Tape and 2 ft. of Rope
  • Your Name in Lights and Your Marriage in the Dark: Keeping your Marriage Healthy in the Throes of the Entertainment Industry

Seminars For General Adult Audiences

  • What the Wizard of OZ Story is Really All About!Testing, Temptations & Trials
  • Sarcasm and Other Tongue Twisters
  • Discovering Your Spiritual Shape and Pathways to God
  • The Prodigal Son and MeDiscovering Holy Play
  • Embracing Another's Hurt with Hands, Heart & Hope

Seminars for Women and Mothers

  • A Woman's Wagon
  • W.I.T. & Wisdom
  • Truth & D.A.R.E. ...How to Influence Your Husband to Change
  • The Full-Self Search and Rescue
  • Mary & Elizabeth—A Hesed Relationship
  • Mentoring: What it is and isn't!

Seminars for Parents

  • Rise & Shine
  • Listen UP! Parenting Teens through Conflict & Change
  • Let's Do Business—How to manage conflict and communication post-divorce.