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Bring Out the Best in Your Marriage

Presented by Dr. Dennis Lowe and Dr. Emily Scott-Lowe

The "Bring Out the Best in Your Marriage" Seminar is a practical, informative, and fun marriage enrichment experience for couples of all ages. Its purpose is to strengthen couples by emphasizing the skills and attitudes associated with marital success, enhancing companionship in marriage, improving communication and conflict resolution skills, all within a Biblical context.

The action activities completed during the seminar increase the practical and personal application of the information. Past participants indicated that they appreciated the positive, non-threatening tone of the seminar.

The presenters' wealth of experience from their counseling roles and in their personal lives authenticates their instruction.

Comments from Prior Seminar Attendees

  • The organization of the material, practical applications, sense of humor, and sincerity of your presentation were all helpful.
  • Your presentation encouraged me to always remember to put an effort into my marriage and keep it alive.
  • I liked the self-evaluation portion of the seminar; it helped me see some things I need to improve upon.
  • It was helpful to realize that other Christian couples have gone through and are going through some of the same problems and situations.
  • I found your joint presentation style, providing both a husband and wife perspective, to be particularly meaningful.
  • Your use of a variety of formats (i.e., videotapes, discussion, lecture, role play) kept things interesting.
  • Your method of presentation is believable and practical.
  • It was interesting to hear you talk about your differences and the way you solved them.
  • It was beneficial to identify all the things that are good about our relationship. We tend to forget those over time.
  • You provided us with some excellent guidelines for getting our marriage on the right track.
  • The personal examples you shared and the experiences of other couples were valuable.
  • We especially liked the group discussion and audience participation.