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Program Overview - RelateStrong | Leadership Series

Empowering church leaders with tools, data, and scripture to excel at the most difficult conversations within their communities.

The RelateStrong | Leadership Series features a Summit event and supporting content designed to help church leaders discuss the growing, and often difficult topics of addiction, parenting, marriage, pornography, sexual intimacy, singleness, and depression, and anxiety. Join us for an intimate two-day summit moderated by our eBook authors that also creates ample time for group discussion amongst other church leaders. Drawing on theology, psychology, and Restoration Therapy's Pain & Peace Cycle approach, the Summit at Pepperdine University and free eBook is also supported with a weekly inspirational email, regular blog posts, and a video compilation helping people understand the Pain & Peace Cycle.

Why These Topics?


Anxiety is a leading mental health issue. Though, even as its prevalence increases, the negative stereotypes around anxiety often remain -- especially within faith communities.


Of the millions who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, only a small minority receive treatment. Like most other issues, the church is not immune to addiction, but can help those struggling.

Connecting with Adolescents

Learning to regulate emotions is an important life skill that must be developed. The good news is, there are several skills to help you teach your adolescent how to cope with painful emotions.

Physical Intimacy

One of the most common associations with the term "intimacy" is sex. But sexual relating is just one aspect of physical intimacy and physical relating. When we grasp this distinction, we cultivate more fulfilling marriages.


The myth that "church members are less likely to have a problem with porn" tends to keep the subject out of church circles. Creating a culture of hope where safety and transparency are available can help turn this "taboo topic" into a launchpad for healing.


Although individuality is highly esteemed in our society, it can lead to conflict when two join together. When couples get into a conflict, they tend to move toward competition with one another. It is important to learn how to strengthen the relational "us" in marriage.


Today, nearly 50% of all adults in the US are single. Of all the places people frequent during the week, church is the place people most often go to with their families. Hence, singles can feel uncomfortably visible at church.

Self Care

Ministers experience higher rates of marital stress, depression, stress-related diseases, and loneliness than the average person. It is essential for every pastor to prioritize self-care, as well as have tools for healthy coping and relating when distressed, overwhelmed, and lonely.